A few items available to purchase from me directly. From giclee prints of my original work to my self published books, along with the odd exclusive item. Check back regularly to see what’s new!

Winterreise Book

In 2016 I was inspired to create these illustrations by the wonderful imagery contained in Winterreise. This timeless song cycle for voice and piano, composed by Franz Schubert, was published in 1828. It consists of a setting of 24 poems by Wilhelm Muller. I produced a set of illustrations which are presented alongside Muller’s words, translated into English by Celia Sgroi. The result is this paperback book printed in digital high resolution, which has already sold many copies and won praise from art lovers and classical music buffs alike. Price includes postage and packaging within the UK.


Schwanengesang – Swan Song Book

Following on from my Winterreise book this collection of illustrations is set to Schubert's final collection of songs. Schwanengesang has less of a continuous narrative, but the theme running through the poems and the music is that of deep yearning and melancholy. The paintings are a response to this music and the compelling imagery it evokes. 32 page paperback book, printed in high resolution digital print. Price includes postage to the UK.


Something is missing. I know full well –

my love is missing, my true heart,

and when I look at the stars

my eyes constantly overflow.”

**EXCLUSIVE** Original Artwork – Cuckmere Estuary

This recently completed artwork is inspired by one of our most famous local landmarks. The Cuckmere river, and particularly the estuary at Exceat, where the river loops and bends, creating perfect oxbow lakes is world famous and has inspired hundreds of artists over the years. Recently the flooding here has been quite shocking, engulfing the entire valley. This painting captures the essence of this stunning location, and hints at a more dramatic subject matter at a time when we are really starting to see the effects of the changes in our climate. Cuckmere Estuary Mixed media on canvas 60 x 60 cm Price includes postage and packaging within the UK